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Our technicians have the experience and skills to install generators for property owners.

Dealing with a power outage is a frustrating situation, and depending on how long the outage lasts, it could become dangerous. In modern life, we rely on many electronic devices and appliances that help us maintain indoor comfort and safety. If the weather is particularly hot and humid when the power goes out, you could be stuck without a functional air conditioning system for hours on end. When you rely on other electronic devices to maintain your health and safety, such as a wired oxygen tank or another medical device, an outage could create a very concerning situation, particularly if the power isn’t restored right away.

Generators in Plymouth, North Carolina

You can take steps to protect yourself and your family from the concerning effects of a prolonged power outage. One step to consider is adding a generator to your property. Generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical power. When you have a generator on your property, you don’t have to go without power, as it can provide the necessary electrical current to power your appliances and devices. At Dunlow Mechanical, we recommend generators to our clients to protect themselves and avoid the challenges that come with a prolonged period without power.

Our technicians have the experience and skills to install generators for property owners located throughout the Plymouth, North Carolina area. We use high-quality generators that come from Kohler, a top-rated brand in the industry. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll always have access to power, adding a generator is certainly worthwhile.

At Dunlow Mechanical, we install generators in Greenville, New Bern, Plymouth, Washington, Williamston, and Winterville, North Carolina.