Reasons to Consider Generator Installation

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Have you ever heard the saying “Two is one and one is none”? It is a common phrase among those that take preparing for anything quite seriously and believe that redundancy is the key to being ready. If you have ever gone without power for even part of a day, you might be wondering what you can do to be ready for the next outage. A few hours without power is inconvenient, but a longer power failure can be quite costly and challenging. The way to be prepared is to have a backup power source, and the most feasible way to do that is with generator installation. Here are a few reasons to consider going this route:

Reasons to Consider Generator Installation

  • Food Protection– Most families these days have either a second refrigerator with freezer and/or an upright or chest freezer. Being able to purchase groceries in bulk saves money and means fewer trips to the grocery store. However, it can mean the loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if the power is out long enough for everything to thaw and spoil.
  • Security– Most security systems do not operate in the event of an extended power outage, leaving you, your family, and your home vulnerable.
  • Safety– Darkness is not your friend when the power goes out. Not being able to see what you are doing can result in injuries.
  • Continuance of Activities– Maybe farmers are used to rising and retiring with the sun, but most others would find it inconceivable to need to go to bed once it got dark because there wasn’t enough light to do their normal activities.
  • Life-Saving Benefits– If someone in your household requires medical equipment that needs power, it is critical to consider generator installation.

If any of these reasons for generator installation make sense to you or if you have other power demands that you can’t fathom doing without, give us a call at Dunlow Mechanical to discuss the solution. We are happy to explain the various options so that the most important items can receive power during an outage. Call today to learn more.