When are Electrical Panel Upgrades Needed? [infographic]

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When a house or commercial building is first constructed, the electrical system is designed for the intended use and in accordance with building code regulations. It doesn’t always happen, but in some cases electrical requirements can change and result in needing electrical panel upgrades. The initial electrical panel is designed to allow growth, in most cases, so just needing a couple added circuits does not generally result in needing to upgrade the panel. However, there are some situations where it is necessary.

When are Electrical Panel Upgrades Needed?

  • Multiple dedicated circuits needed. One circuit usually powers several items. For example, all the outlets in one room are generally on one circuit. However, if you add several appliances or other high-energy consumption items, each one may need its own circuit. When you have several of those, you could use up the circuit breaker slots, and electrical panel upgrades would be needed.
  • Addition added. If you add on to your home or commercial property, it is likely that electrical panel upgrades will be needed. This can be done for an unattached building, as well, such as a detached garage, guest house, or storage building.

When are Electrical Panel Upgrades Needed? [infographic]

  • Upgrade from 100-amp to 200-amp service. If you have an older home or commercial property, it may have been wired for only 100-amp service. This is rarely enough for the power demands of a modern family or growing business, resulting in the need for electrical panel upgrades.

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